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Lodge History

A few words about the history of our lodge Mozart no. 85, working in Tel Aviv.

Our lodge is the youngest in Israel. Up till now 85 is the last one on a list of Israeli lodges. In addition, this is the only Russian-speaking lodge in the State of Israel.

We have more than 50 active lodges in Israel, teaming up about 1300 brothers. Masonic works in Israeli lodges are performing in eight languages: of course Hebrew, but also English, French, Spanish, Romanian, Arab and Turkish. Few years ago, the last German-speaking Lodge Lebanon changed the ritual language from German to Hebrew due to scarcity of German-speaking brethren. At the same time, the number of Russian-speaking brethren was relatively high, but there was not a single lodge, working in Russian language until the spring of 2006. It was strange because of proportion of Russian-speaking citizens in Israel. It is approximately 1.5 million of 8.5 million population. This observation can be explained in such a way: the newcomers were busy by making their personal career, and the veterans preferred to join Hebrew-speaking lodges.

Anyway, the first Russian-speaking lodge in Israel was established on April 2006. The Idea to build such Russian lodge appeared to the Great Lodge of Israel several years before, so it was a long way to achieve. Brothers from many lodges took part in this work. Among our founders I can mention M.W.Breth. Wolf Kantor, Efraim Fuks,R.W.Br. Ernest Leb, , Shlomo Sapir, Yehuda Wolf and W.Bro.Reuven Berlinerblau. All these Brethren were the Worshipful Masters of different Israeli Lodges and no one of them is active yet in our Lodge. Why the name of Mozart been chosen as a name of our lodge? All of us are respecting Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as a Great Musician and well-known free mason. We have several musicians in our lodge and every musician in the former Soviet Union learned Mozart’s music as the example of best classical art masterpieces.

W.Brother Reuven Berlinerblau was the first Worshipful Master of our lodge. The installation of Lodge Mozart took place on 9-th of April 2006 under the patronage of the Most Worshipful Grand Master of Israel, Sami Rafaeli. All ceremonies are performing according to Russian transcription of Emulation ritual.

The list of brothers-founders was quite large (73, not all of them even spoke Russian) but only 18 of them took active part in the work of the lodge. In September 2006 (4 months after the beginning), 2 first brothers were initiated in lodge Mozart, so the lodge began to be a Mother Lodge for some of us. In the last 10 years 28 new brothers (including myself) were initiated in Mozart lodge. 18 from them received a Master degree, performing now the duties of lodge officers.

At the beginning of 2010 a small delegation from our lodge visited Romania and participated in the Celebratory work of Lodge Mozart 76 in Bucharest, dedicated to 10-th anniversary of its Enlightment.

On February 2011 the delegation of 11 brethren from our Lodge visited Austria and participated in two works of Lodges Lessing and Mozart with Austrian Brothers in Wien. We were accepted by the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Austria.

The atmosphere of all these meetings was friendly and brotherly. All acceptation in Romania and Austria was excellent with private meetings and wonderful excursion program.

In 2011, in the autumn, we had a solemn and marvelous work with the delegation of the Grand Lodge of Romania. A twinning charter was signed with the Lodge Mozart no.76 from Bucharest. It should be noted that this work was carried out under the old city of Jerusalem in the cave of Zedekiah, probably the most holy place for Freemasons. This cave is a karst formation, transformed to the quarry more than three thousand years ago. Stones from the quarry were taken to build Jerusalem of those days. Most likely these stones were also on the construction of the Temple of King Solomon. In other words, this cave probably was the source of the building material to our ancient masonic brethren including our father Hiram. Work in such a significant place is always very impressive and we intended to perform this festive workshop in the Zedekiah cave. Unfortunately for security reasons in these challenging times, we had to abandon the idea.

In the last 4 years next Worshipful Masters of our Lodge actively continued to establish contacts with the brethren from Mozart Lodges (and not only) around the world. In May 2012, in this temple we worked together with the brothers from the Lodge Mozart in Vienna and signed a twinning protocol with them. In September 2014 we were visited by the delegation from Grand Lodge of Russia, mainly the delegation of the Muses Lodge 33 (St. Petersburg) and a small delegation from Estonia.

In September 2013 the delegation from our Lodge visited Lodge Mozart in Rome and worked with our Italian Brethren. Once again, we went to Vienna to our twinned Lodge in May 2014. In July 2015 a small delegation from Lodge Mozart represented Israel at the ceremony dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Grand Lodge of Russia.

Some Brethren from our Lodge had reached in their personal voyages mostly remoted points in the world. For example, our masonic greetings were transferred to Brethren in Manaus, the capital of Brazilian Amazonas.

Meanwhile our lodge takes part in philanthropic activity. For example several charitable concerts were performed by our musicians. We enjoy spending time together in weekends, gathering to the barbeque picnic with ladies in the countryside or visiting museums and galleries.

At present 25 brethren are registered in our lodge. 18 of them are Masters, 4 – Fellows of Craft and 3 Entered Apprentice.

At the May 2016 our Lodge widely celebrate the 10-th anniversary of its founding. We are happy to perform this festive masonic work in presence of Grand Master and Grand Officers of the Grand Lodge of the State of Israel, Worshipful Masters and Brethren of other Israeli Lodges and together with our Guest, Brethren from Bulgaria, Estonia, Germany, Poland , Singapore and Russia here in Israel, in the heart of Tel Aviv.

This was a great honor for all of us. This remarkable event has designated another link in the chain of our international contacts and we hope that we all enjoy working and communicating together in a fraternal atmosphere of Freemasonry in a cheerful and never sleeping city of Tel Aviv. This is a short summary of our history and activities in the past 10 years.



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