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To Be One. Membership.

Entering into the Masonic Lodge is not that simple. Not only because joining us requires a passage of a particular procedure, which cannot be done hastily and may demand considerable time, but also because not everyone can lay claim to it. The Freemasonry, in spite of common convictions, is not an "elite club" from a social point of view. On the contrary, people from any social environment can join us – a professor or a mechanic, a businessman or an artist, an engineer or a programmer. However, the Freemasonry chooses people belonging to spiritual elite, those who – according to our ancient ritual – have “freedom and good morality”.

Since the moment when an interested candidate, with whom a few of our brothers meet, submits a formal application for membership to the proper initiation – if the Lodge finds him worthy – several months or more may pass. However, this additional test of stubborn insistence of his will enable the candidate to ponder deeply whether it is actually needed to him. Our work does not imply haste, and unlike any club, political party or association, you cannot enter into the Craft in three minutes. In the beginning, you should comprehend what exactly Freemasonry is, understand the essences of our work, read, if you want, serious books, ask Brethren all the questions. Also you need to learn what the specific obligations you are going to take on, in case you decide to join the Craft. In terms of the Charter of the Grand Lodge, the potential candidate must meet certain conditions:

1.  Be male, over 21 years old (for children of Masons - over 18 years), who believe in the Supreme Being, the Supreme Principle or Beginning, in Freemasonry called The Great Architect of the Universe. It is important to note that the affiliation of the candidate to a particular religion (except for the pagan or committed atheism) is neither a prerequisite nor an obstacle to join the Brotherhood;

2.  Have an impeccable reputation and morality;

3.  Possess spiritual and intellectual level sufficient to perceive the Masonic doctrine;

4.  Not to be a member of any association or group calling upon racial discrimination or violence against anyone or any group of people based on their origin, nationality or religion, and disseminating ideas and theories justifying or encouraging such discrimination, hatred, and violence;

5.  Since membership implies paying regular membership dues and other charitable fees, the candidate should be comfortably well off not to be burdened himself and not to burden his family. Masonic lodges themselves bear the costs of their existence and they are in need of finances. Usually brothers pay an annual fee. At the initiation into the first degree Freemason also pays a one-time entrance fee. It should be noted that the size of these contributions is quite reasonable, as well as all money matters in the Brotherhood are within the capacity of the brothers.

If you are interested in Freemasonry, like to learn more, ask questions and, perhaps, apply for membership, please contact us admin@mozartlodge.org.il.


Bro:.  A. Pildish



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